Thanks Friends – Reflective Meetings

There were 6 cities, 6 spiritist centers and countless hearts enlightened, consoled and stimulated, in the last 7 days.
We are grateful to God, Jesus and the spiritual benefactors who support us and believe in the Canadian Spiritist Movement.
We are grateful to the Espiritizar Project and the FEEMT for granting us Alírio and Saulo to come and travel through the Nordic lands, bringing us reflections to the Master.
We are grateful to the Canadian Spiritist Council and the Spiritist Centers, members of CSC, that made possible this fraternal and welcoming program.
Gratitude to all sisters and brothers who participated in the Spiritist Centers, we are all invited to sit at the Father’s table and on these days we choose to say: yes.
Alírio and Saulo, we wish for an enlightened return and may the peace of Christ be with you. Deep gratitude in our hearts comes forth at this moment when we see this sowing completed.
Peace for all

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  1. Patricia

    Sat 25th Aug 2018 at %I:%M %p

    Puxa que bacana esse encontro. O próximo gostaria de ter informação, por favor!
    Aproveito para perguntar se conhecem algum centro espírita em London/Ontário ou cidade próxima?
    Desde já agradeço
    Que Deus esteja conosco.


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